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Electrostatic Discharge ESD

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ESD floor coating
ESD flooring
ESD floor coating
ESD Megohmmeter reading

Electrostatic Discharge ESD

  • Complete floor, wall/ceiling coatings and toppings can tie your entire ESD system together - total protection
  • Consistent readings throughout entire surface
  • Five (5) year guarantee of electrical properties
  • Readings as low as zero (0) BVG
  • Unaffected by relative humidity


In today's electronic age, electronic components and volatile chemicals can be found everywhere. Static electricity can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss. Even when people are equipped with static-sensitive devices, inadvertent contact can occur.

An electrostatic discharge during assembly of sensitive equipment can cause damage that may not be noticed for months. Prime Polymers installs the most comprehensive ESD line in the industry. Our ESD flooring significantly out perform the competition because the products are protected by multiple patents. That is why Prime ESD floors are not only trusted by Fortune 500 companies, but also by the U.S. Armed Forces.

Prime Polymers Inc. offers a turn-key and single source for all your resinous flooring needs.