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Epoxy Mortar Resurfacing Systems

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epoxy resin flooring, epoxy floor coating
epoxy resin flooring, epoxy floor coating
epoxy resin flooring, epoxy floor coating
Epoxy Mortar Resurfacing Systems
resin flooring

Epoxy Mortar Resurfacing Systems

Epoxy Resin Floors offer a perfect VOC compliant solution for heavy-duty traffic!

Resinous floor coating, specifically power troweled epoxy mortar systems are typically designed for applications over old/worn concrete or as a protective over-lament on new concrete. Epoxy mortar offers superior adhesion to applied top-coats.

Epoxy resin floors advantages:

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Prime Polymers offers a full line of epoxy resin floors for every floor coating environment.

Our epoxy resin floor coatings offer a long term solution in heavy duty environments such as; heavy forklift and steel-wheel cart traffic; areas exposed to abrasion, acid spills, caustics, solvents, grease, oil and food; wet process areas requiring nonskid aggregate; and clean rooms where dust cannot be tolerated.

Typical installations for resinous floors include:

Prime Polymer’s epoxy resin floor facts: One of the Industry's strongest resin resurfacer
installed as an overlayment with the addition of proprietary fillers that deliver abrasion resistance up to 50% higher than traditional, resinous flooring systems at 3/16". PSI of 14,000 (96.0 MPa)

Prime Polymers Inc. offers a turn-key and single source for all your resinous flooring needs.